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DATA Wealth Management LLP

Named Partners

A full list of partners at DATA Wealth Management LLP can be found here:

DATA Wealth Management LLP has two Client Facing Partners (Paul Freeth and Jack Freeth) and one Administrative Partner (Caroline Freeth). All three hold the FCA regulated role of SMF27 Partner. 


We would encourage any prospective client to search for “DATA Wealth Management LLP” on the FCA register to confirm the details of each of the three named partners and their respective regulated roles. 


The FCA register provides the following information: 

•    The Register lists all the firms and individuals that are involved with regulated activities. You can find out what they are regulated to do and your protections when doing business with them.

•    Check that permissions/activities of the firm match the service it's providing to you.

•    Check contact details to confirm any correspondence from DATA Wealth Management LLP is indeed from the expected source. Many scammers pretend to be a legitimate firm. Use the contact details on the Register to confirm you're dealing with the genuine firm before doing business with them.



DATA Wealth Management LLP would only ever contact clients or prospective clients from the contact information listed on the FCA website. Any other correspondence is not genuine and should be reported and deleted immediately. 

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