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Careful investment selection builds on detailed planning. 

Pillar Two: Invest


Planning is the first pillar of successful financial advice. Take the first step to build your wealth with us today.

Pillar One


Every plan needs accountability. Reviewing is the third pillar of successful financial advice. Review your progress and consolidate your wealth with us today.

Pillar Three

The Three Pillars of Successful Financial Planning 


Explore the first pillar and the last pillar in DATA Wealth Management’s three step process

Investment Wrappers

The first part of the investment pillar is selecting the right wrapper. You work hard to earn your money. We make sure your money works hard for you. Find out how we use Pensions, ISAs, VCT’s and many other accounts to meet your financial goals.

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ESG & Sustainability

Environmental, Social, and Governance issues are increasingly important in the world of investing and beyond. We can tailor your approach to your beliefs and can help you plan an ESG suitable approach to investing. We use MSCI ESG scores and Morningstar’s Sustainalytics to review the ESG credentials of funds. 

Types of Assets

We review the whole of the market for the best in equities, fixed income, property, alternatives, and hedging assets to create a diversified portfolio.

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Plan, Invest, and Review your wealth today…
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Information on Risk

Past performance is not a guide to future returns. Investments may go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invested. All investment carries risk and it is important that you, the client, are comfortable with risk before investing. DATA Wealth Management will perform a full risk review with you prior to investing.

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